Marvel Ultimate Alliance 1 & 2 are coming to the PC this Tuesday

Marvel has announced that Marvel Ultimate Alliance & Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 will be released on the PC this Tuesday. These Ultimate Alliance games are described as ‘epic action RPGs with a huge focus on cooperative play,’ and will be priced at at $39.99 each or as a bundle together for $59.99.

As Mike Jones, executive producer for this Ultimate re-release, claimed, both of them will feature improved performance, some UI and graphic enhancements as well as making the games compatible with modern platform features on current-gen platforms.

The reason Marvel is re-releasing these games is because this would be a great way to ‘celebrate an amazing franchise that’s about to hit its 10th anniversary.’

“Since we started rebuilding our games strategy and going on the road to Comic Cons and gaming events like E3, we’re constantly being asked about Ultimate Alliance. “Are you guys going to do another Ultimate Alliance?” “Can you guys do a re-release of Ultimate Alliance 1 and 2?” It was actually kind of surprising how often it happens. It’s been 10 years since the series began and gamers are still as passionate about “Ultimate Alliance” today as they ever were. So we thought this would be a great way to celebrate an amazing franchise that’s about to hit its 10th anniversary. It’s a perfect time to play these games if you missed them the first time or replay with new friends and new Super Hero dream teams.”

Kudos to our reader ‘s_fnx’ for bringing this to our attention!