Here is what a He-Man game could look like in Unreal Engine 4

Ever wonder what He-Man Unreal Engine 4 could look like? Well time to find out. Character Artist and Animator, José Johansson, has created this really cool scene in Unreal Engine 4. He-Man is made of 80K polygons and it took Johansson almost 3 weeks to complete the scene. Johansson also used 4K textures so he could achieve good quality textures for closeups.

The end result is cool, however He-Man looks kind of… ugly? In my mind, He-Man is the cartoon-ish character from the 80s. This model –
in particular the face – lacks his charm. From a tech perspective it’s cool, however I’d love to see a face closer to the cartoon character.

What’s also really cool is that this “He-Man Unreal Engine 4” scene was running in real-time on an NVIDIA GeForce Titan X graphics card. While this scene features only one character, it’s great witnessing real-time footages.

Johansson has not released this “He-Man Unreal Engine 4” scene to the public. And to be honest, we don’t expect him to ever release it as it was a simple project. Moreover, He-Man was not animated (it was a static character model).

Enjoy the following screenshots and video!

He-Man - Unreal Engine 4 (UE4) [1080p]