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Madden NFL 25 PC will be based on the next-gen version, will have a new dynamic physics-based tackling system

Electronic Arts and EA SPORTS today revealed EA SPORTS Madden NFL 25 which will be released on August 16. According to the teams, the PC version will be on par with the PS5 and Xbox Series X versions. This was to be expected as the PC version of Madden NFL 24 was also based on the next-gen console version. Still, it’s at least good to know that PC gamers won’t be treated as second class citizens.

Madden NFL 25 will also have the newest iteration of FieldSENSE and all-new BOOM Tech. BOOM Tech is a dynamic physics-based tackling system that unlocks the reengineered Hit Stick and a new level of ball carrier control. As the press reads, this will allow players to dominate the gridiron like a bonafide NFL superstar.

Mike Mahar, Senior Production Director, Madden NFL, said:

“It’s been incredibly rewarding to grow the Madden NFL experience alongside our players the past two years, and we’re excited to deliver even more of the control, depth and immersion they’re looking for in Madden NFL 25. BOOM Tech has been multiple years in the making and represents the most impactful FieldSENSE improvement yet, and combined with a new audio and visual experience across the game plus deepened modes and increased customization, Madden NFL 25 will look, feel and sound different.”

Madden NFL 25 wii also come with signature styles and new mechanics with ball carriers, catching and pre-play, and a focus on football fundamentals within blocking, playbooks, and more.

Players will be able to cut loose and attack the ball with powerful Hit Sticks, Cut Sticks, trucks, dives, and stiff arms with more control and realism than ever. A new data-driven physics system considers timing, momentum, weight, speed, strength, and player ratings to inform 1-on-1 ball carrier impact for a wider variety of explosive and authentic physical outcomes.

The re-engineered Hit Stick will also use a timing-based mechanic to provide more control determined by your angle of impact, stick skill, and accuracy for cut sticks, big hits, and trucks, with more realistic physical movements and results.

Madden NFL 25 also promises to provide an enhanced Ball Carrier Control system. Players will run the rock with unparalleled confidence and command with the new Ball Carrier Balance and Recovery System.

Finally, the latest additions to FieldSENSE aim to deliver increased authenticity in all three phases of the game – offense, defense, and special teams. New team-specific plays from some of the NFL’s most innovative play-callers will bring enhanced strategy and gameplay variety, including the new NFL hybrid kickoff. Signature pre- and post-snap animations will also deliver a new level of immersion. Plus, all-new skill-mechanics for ball carriers, receivers, and defenders will provide players with ultimate control across the field.

Enjoy and stay tuned for more!