Loading Human – Special VR Demo Playable At This Year’s CES 2015

Untold Games has revealed that it has developed a playable demo for the Open-Source Virtual Reality (OSVR) ecosystem, which utilises its bespoke VR gaming technology from the forthcoming Loading Human. The demo uses Loading Human’s proprietary VR gaming interface, UNICS (Untold Natural Interaction & Communication System), and players are required to shoot cubes within a VR environment using Razer’s Hydra controller and OSVR Hacker Dev Kit.

The demo is playable on Razer’s booth at the International Consumer Electronics Show (International CES) during January 6-9, in Las Vegas. Razer is located in the South Hall at Booth #31132.

Flavio Parenti, CEO of Untold Games, said:

“Untold Games is excited and privileged to be a contributing member of the OSVR initiative from Razer. We have developed the game demo alongside Razer to best showcase what the virtual reality device and open-source software can do and look forward to sharing the experience with attendees at International CES.”

Loading Human is currently in development for PC and Mac.


Untold Games meets OSVR @ CES 2015