Project CARS versus Driveclub – Heavy Rain / Weather Effects Comparison

MotoGamesTV has shared a video comparison between the rain weather effects of Project CARS and Driveclub. This video compares both the cockpit and the ‘behind_the_car’ viewpoints, giving us a proper idea of the differences between them. And while the ‘behind_the_car’ viewpoint of Project CARS looks great and ‘easier to the eye’, the cockpit view during a heavy rain in Driveclub is a beauty to behold (those ‘wind’ rain drop effects are spectacular). Here is hoping that Slightly Mad Studios will further enhance the game’s weather effects in order to rival those of Driveclub. Enjoy and kudos to our reader ‘beq-beq’ for bringing this to our attention!

DriveClub vs Project CARS Build 887 - Rain Weather Comparison