LittleBigPlanet for PSVita to be a fantastic achievement

According to Lee Hutchinson, CEO of Double11, LittleBigPlanet for PSVita will be a fantastic achievement. After this year’s E3 and the impressive E3 PS Vita demo of LittleBigPlanet – that has been extremely positive, the company has officially announced that they’re developing this great game for Sony’s latest portable system.
Lee Hutchinson, CEO of Double11 said:
“It’s a fantastic achievement and a privilege for the studio to be working on a project such as LittleBigPlanet, particularly for such an exciting new platform.  We’ve spent the best part of a year recruiting a crack squad of games development professionals and we’re delighted that we can finally announce it.  It was really great to see such an enthusiastic response at the recent E3 and we are confident we’ll be able to do more so in the future.”