Lineage II – Goddess of Destruction coming in early December

Innova announced today that the opening of its brand new free-to-play European service for Lineage II, featuring the highly anticipated expansion Goddess of Destruction, is planned for early December. Goddess of Destruction promises to be the largest update Lineage II has ever seen with stunning new graphics, 4x faster leveling and character advancement, eight powerful ‘Awakening’ classes, hundreds of new weapons and armors, unexplored hunting grounds and legions of monsters – a revamped world and over 400 hours of brand new Lineage II gameplay await European players on launch day, all without restrictions and completely free.
Innova is deeply committed to providing European players with an optimal gaming experience, tailored specifically for their core needs and tastes, right from the beginning. Lineage II will be localized in Europe in several stages, with care and attention given to each language in the areas of game localization, player support and community management.
The first localized versions will follow early next year with a small gap between each, allowing Innova time to process and work with the valuable feedback provided by players. Additional information about upcoming versions will be announced in January 2012.
European players will be able to register to the new service quickly and easily on Innova’s secure, user-friendly platform called “4game”, and play on dedicated European servers with native language support. The service will launch with Innova’s security shield FROST, which paves the way for a better quality experience of Lineage II than ever before, with more balanced gameplay and complete peace of mind.
The game will have a new free-to-play business model and players will be offered a wide selection of items that provide temporary buffs, accelerate their character progression and/or express their personal style. Innova has confirmed that all Lineage II gameplay will be absolutely free and accessible to everyone, and no items will be offered that directly affect game balance.