Larian Studios – Developer Of Divinity: Original Sin – Is Currently Working On Two New RPGs

Larian Studios revealed today that it is currently working on two new, unannounced, RPGs that will be powered by the engine used in Divinity: Original Sin. Of course this does not mean that the team will abandon Divinity: Original Sin to its fate. Not at all. In fact, the team is also working on further tweaking and enhancing its amazing RPG.

As Larian Studios’ Swen Vincke wrote on the company’s official website:

“Yep, we’re fixing parts of the story, improving the UIs, revisiting the encounters, rebalancing the loot, rewriting certain dialogs, adding extra feedback, looking at what we can do to fix character progression, improving the companions etc…”

And regarding Larian’s new RPGs, Swen had this to say.

“Fixing things is not all we’re doing however, far from it. We’re not hiring all those people just to transform D:OS in a better experience, no, obviously we’re also working on our new RPGs.

Notice the ‘s’. It’s intentional and while I’d love to tell you more about them, I need to refrain for fear of losing whatever press momentum we’ll be able to muster when we’ll announce them. But there’s one I thing I can already tell you, and it fits well with the second big thing we’re doing to improve the quality of our future offerings – both RPGs are being built on top of the D:OS engine.”

Kudos to our reader ‘Umair Khan’ for bringing this to our attention!