Lanista Wars: Titans – Single/co-op Survival RPG – Kickstarter Campaign Launched

DreamHarvesters has informed us about the launch of a Kickstarter campaign for its upcoming single/co-op survival RPG, Lanista Wars: Titans. Lanista Wars: Titans is a co-op survival RPG where as a Lanista you will try to build a team among the best gladiators who will be equipped with the most legendary items you find or craft during the game.

“We have been working on the concept for a long time to offer the best gaming experience because we believe that sharing the fun with friends is the best way to enjoy a game. Lanista Wars:Titans, which has a deep storyline as well as unique game mechanics,are the results of this idea. We started our project with creating a prototype and writing a formation process story of Lanista Wars: Titans.”

Lanista Wars: Titans can be played in a single player mode as well as coop with up to 6 players, and there will be a big perk tree to make players customise their characters as well as a crafting system.

Furthermore, the game’s most unique game feature will be its swap system.

“Players do not act as warriors. They are controlling a bunch of warriors who can be swapped during the game. This increases the chance of tactical possibilities.”

DreamHarvesters aims to raise $65K in the next 32 days.