Kynseed is 2D sandbox RPG from ex-Lionhead Fable developers, Kickstarter campaign launched

Attention everyone; some former Lionhead Fable developers are currently working on a new 2D sandbox RPG called Kynseed. Kynseed is a 2D Sandbox RPG that lets players live their life before passing down their skills and possessions to their children and continuing the adventure as them.

What’s really interesting here is that in Kynseed the world will remember your deeds and actions. Not only that, but friends, pets and loved ones age and pass away.

As players build their empire, both homely and business, they will develop their renown and reputation and will eventually gain the attention of the mysterious Jack of All Trades.

“You can choose to take on jobs, open your own business, take on tasks and quests, mess with the sandbox, raise a family and go off The Path into the dangerous places for combat and loot finding. The materials you find can be used to help further your business and equipment while increasing your reputation.”

It’s a pretty cool concept, and the team has launched a Kickstarter campaign in order to crowd-fund this title. PixelCount Studios aims to raise £30 in total and has 26 days in order to hit this initial goal.

Kudos to our reader ‘Sabin Figaro’ for bringing this to our attention!