Kingdoms Age Revealed – MMORTS – Described As “Civilization Meets Total War “

Nick Anastasopoulos has informed us about Kingdoms Age; a skill based MMORTS game in a vast, living, breathing, player driven, and ever evolving fantasy world in which players recruit units, powerful heroes, fearsome monsters and war machines forming formidable armies which they control in epic battles.

According to the press release,players may choose to provide their services to a specific Kingdom and fight under their flag, or forge new Kingdoms with the help of other players online. In addition, every victory or defeat can affect the game world directly or indirectly as various Kingdoms fight for map control and valuable resources.

Here are the game’s main features:

  • 2 Game modes (“Single Player Campaign” & “Online World” in a persistent world with thousands of other players)

  • Recruit and command huge armies consisted of many different archetypes (Infantry, Ranged, Cavalry, Flying, War Machines, Monsters, etc.) of various different races such as Humans, Orcs, Dwarfs, Elves, Ogres, and many more

  • In depth real time battle mechanics (Flanking, Morale, Stamina, Fog of War, Ground Elevation, Formations, Weather Effects, etc.)

  • Unique Crafting mechanism

  • Fight under the banner of a Kingdom or create your own along with other players

  • In depth real time Kingdom management (Diplomacy, Espionage, Production, Resource Management, etc.)

  • Player driven game economy in a persistent world

  • Oculus Rift support to be right in the middle of the battlefield

Kingdoms Age is currently in pre-alpha stage and you can view its announcement trailer below.


Kingdoms Age Announcement Trailer