Kingdom Come: Deliverance’s PC Release May Be Held Back by the Console Version

Warhorse Studios aims to release Kingdom Come: Deliverance this Summer on the PC. However, the company is currently in talks with some publishers and it appears that the PC release may be held back by the console version if the game’s publisher decides so.

As PR manager Tobias Stolz-Zwiling told Eurogamer:

“The idea was to release the game in the summer and then to follow up with the console versions. Right now we are still indie developers but we are in negotiations with publishers to, well, we need someone to bring the games into the shops, so we need a distributor, and he kind of wants us to synch it with the console versions. We are still in negotiations, we will see.”

This will definitely discourage a lot of PC gamers if it happens, especially when this game started as a Kickstarted game that was focusing the PC platform.

Tobias concluded:

“Best case for you will be summer this year for the PC version and then with the follow-up for consoles; or if the publisher wants us to synch it we will release everything let’s say by the end of the year, so we will see about that.”

Kingdom Come: Deliverance enters its beta phase on March 3rd!