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Kingdom Come: Deliverance – Patch 1.4.2 is now available, fixes a major crash bug

Warhorse Studios has released a brand new patch for Kingdom Come: Deliverance. According to the release notes, patch 1.4.2 fixes a major bug that crashed the game at various places, fixes an issue with missing Erik in the quest The Die is Cast, and features other minor bugfixes.

This update will be auto-downloaded from Steam, and you can find its complete changelog below.

Kingdom Come Deliverance Patch 1.4.2 Release Notes

Fixed issues:

  • A major bug that crashed the game at various places has been fixed.
  • Quests notably affected by this bug include Sport of kings, Pestilence, Questions and Answers.
  • Fixed issue with missing Erik in the quest The Die is Cast.
  • Other minor bugfixes.

Known issues:

  • [Rare] You can lock on a non-existing opponent.
  • [Rare] Attacking stops working.
  • [Rare] Random character spins while blocking.
  • Player with an equipped bow cannot be dismounted.