Skyrim Special Edition feature 2

Skyrim “High Poly Project” mod significantly increases the number of polygons for numerous objects

Modder ‘LucidAPs’ has released a really interesting mod for Skyrim Special Edition. High Poly Project is an on going process to improve the models of the game with more polygons , UV edits or by just replacing them all together. Not only that, but the modder is offering a 4K Texture Pack for these new objects.

The latest version of the High Poly Project adds the rest of hay models that were not included in the previous versions fixes Windhelm throne pelt requirement, improves the green apple texture, removes campfire rocks and uses Embers HD instead, removed the exterior nordic stairs because they where problematic and adds broom model.

So far, LucidAPs has improved the following objects:

  • All Hay
  • Broom
  • Windhelm Throne
  • Braided Bread
  • Garlic Bread
  • Bread
  • Apples
  • Gabbage 
  • Garlic Hanging Braid
  • Potato
  • Solitude Ropes
  • Festival Ropes
  • Festival Ring
  • Large Nordic Tent
  • Whiterun Braziers
  • Mounted Dragon Skull
  • Deer Skull
  • Deer Skull Horns
  • Mammoth Bones
  • Corpses
  • Cauldron
  • Wagon Wheel
  •  Dragon Bones – Ingredients
  • Butterscotch Filled Cream
  • Hagraven Bowl
  • Hagraven Tusks
  • Horker Tusk
  • Clam Meat
  • Preals
  • Bear Claws
  • Raw Beef – Dragon Flesh
  • Deadra Heart
  • Fire Salts
  • Frost Salts
  • Void Salts
  • SweetRoll
  • Shrines
  • Silver Dinnerware
  • Smelter Coal
  • Statue of Dibella
  • Wine Bottles
  • Campfires
  • Wallbaskets
  • Nordic Hitchpost Rings
  • Bedroll
  • Wagon Cart Wheels
  • Fire Spit Cooking Station
  • Cooking Pot
  • Garlic
  • Glowing Mushrooms
  • Mushroom Ingredients
  • Statue of Meridia Snow

Those interested can download the mod from here. Below you can find some screenshots that showcase the improvements that this mod achieves.