Kaldaien’s latest Special K mod does not fix the performance degradation issues in Final Fantasy XV

Modder Kaldaien has released a new version of his Special K mod for Final Fantasy XV. According to the modder, this mod removes the anti-debug from Square Enix’s RPG, something that could result in better performance. However, and after numerous tests we can say, with 100% certainty, that this mod does not fix the performance degradation issues we’ve reported in our previous article.

These performance degradation issues ARE re-producible as we were able to replicate them numerous times. Here is what we’ve done in order to bring the game’s performance from this to this. And yes, we’re talking about a 15fps performance degradation, which is huge. Also notice that the CPU usage in the second image – in which the performance has gone downhill – is lower than the CPU usage in the first image.

We loaded the game from a save file we had after resting in the first Inn. We then explored the environment and fought some monsters. We then went back to the parking station, let Ignis drive us back to Cindy, explored Cindy’s parking station, engaged in three-four fights and boom. Again, this is re-producible and if you follow this guide, you’ll immediately notice lower framerates. These performance issues will disappear once you save the game and immediately reload it.

For what it’s worth, we did not experience any such issues while playing the pirated version (the one that uses the demo file). We haven’t gotten our hands on a Summon yet to use it, so we don’t know whether the pirated version is also plagued by the Summon bug that affected the Steam version (which is now fixed).