Jedi Academy: Brutality mod adds +40 new enemies, support for more resolutions, improves AI & more

Avramov Michael and Stanislav Smetanin have released the first version of the Brutality mod for Star Wars Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy. Star Wars Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy is a 2003 first- and third-person shooter that was developed by Raven Software, and this mod adds some new features and brings various balance tweaks and improvements.

This first version of Jedi Academy: Brutality adds more than 40 new enemies, adds items that can be influenced by force in pretty much all levels, adds new resolutions, improves the AI of enemies and makes some HUD corrections.

In addition, the Jedi Academy: Brutality fixes stormtrooper melee attacks (they now inflict less damage), fixes game crush with 4th level lightning, fixes animations bugs, fixes a lot of bugs in all levels, and fixes and improves full UI elements.

It’s worth noting that this mod features balance tweaks for all boses and weapons, and adds a “Dark Souls” vibe to the boss battles by implementing a great health bar so that players can be aware of how many lives each boss has.

As the modders suggested, players should make a backup copy of the original game before installing this mod. In order to install it, players will have to simply copy the modification from Brutality folder to the GameData folder with replacing the original folder.

Those interested can download Jedi Academy: Brutality version 0.1 from here, and here are its key features.

  • A lot of enemies!! (about +40 new enemies)
  • At the levels added items that can be influenced by force
  • Hud corrections
  • Because of Qeffects, the fps on some systems falls. Qeffects deleted from the modification, available as an additional file
  • Fixed stormtrooper melee attacks (less damage)
  • Fixed game crush with 4th level lightning
  • Fixed some bugs in the main menu
  • Fixed and ugraded full UI elements
  • The datapad menu has been improved ( + hologram added)
  • Improved AI of enemies (no more non-active npc)
  • In the archive with the mod added additional files to run
  • Added special model “Augmented Jedi”
  • Fixed animation bugs (jumps on an uneven surface)
  • Updated soundtrack by “PSYBOLORD” (new song)
  • Total rebalance. (swords and enemies!)
  • Fixed a lot of bugs in the all levels
  • Added new screen resolutions (1920×1080, 1600×900 etc..)
  • Created unique fighting stances for: medium, fast, staff, two swords + added a unique running animation with two swords.
  • Rebalance of boss fights (became more difficult)
  • Now the boss battles are a bit more like Dark Souls. Added a “great helth bar” to know exactly how many lives the boss has left.
  • Removed a bug that occurs when pick up two swords or a saber staff and moving to another level (T-pose)