Here is the first gameplay trailer for AO Tennis

Big Ant Studios has released the first gameplay trailer for AO Tennis. AO Tennis promises to be the most advanced tennis game ever produced, however the player movement in this gameplay trailer does not feel as smooth as we’d like it to be.

As we can see in this trailer, in AO Tennis players will be able to first select the exact at spot where they will send the ball (while moving the player). After that, their character will stop moving and they can power up their shots. And to be honest, I believe that the keyboard+mouse combo can work incredibly well in this particular game. The ideal PC control scheme will be to control the ball spot with your mouse (while moving the player with WASD) and press the left mouse in order to power up your shots.

We don’t know whether Big Ant Studios will implement such a control scheme or whether it will simply port the console controls. The game will hit the PC after its console release, so here is hoping that it won’t be a mere console port.


AO Tennis in action