Battlefield 4 feature

It’s official, the next Battlefield game will be revealed on May 23rd, will be called Battlefield V

Last week, we informed you about a possible reveal of the new Battlefield, which appears to be called Battlefield V, will be revealed on May 23rd. And today, comedian actor Trevor Noah confirmed that Electronic Arts will host an event on May 23rd in order to reveal its new Battlefield game.

Randy Evans, senior video and media director at EA DICE SE has also hinted that this new Battlefield game may be called Battlefield V.

The official Facebook page for Battlefield has also shared an image, confirming that the new Battlefield game will be called Battlefield V.

Although we don’t know much about this new Battlefield game, we do know that it will feature a single-player campaign. Moreover, DICE has been experimenting with a battle-royale mode, though it has not been confirmed whether it will be added to the game via a future patch or not.

Last but not least, this new Battlefield game will be playable at the EA Play event this June, during which we’ll most likely get our first look at its multiplayer mode.