Battlefield 3 header screenshot

Electronic Arts may reveal Battlefield 2018, Battlefield V, on May 23rd

It appears that Electronic Arts is gearing up for a Battlefield 2018 reveal later this month. A new hidden counter has appeared on its official website, suggesting that the new Battlefield game will be unveiled on May 23rd.

Unfortunately the source code of the website does not reveal anything additional, other than a counter (that will most likely go live at a later date). Moreover, the current catch phrase/moto for this Battlefield game is “Battlefield will never be the same.”

Now this could also be related to extra content for Battlefield 1, though this seems unlikely.

From what we know so far, Battlefield 2018, which may be titled Battlefield V, will have a single-player campaign. The game will come out this October and will be playable at EA’s E3 event, EA Play 2018.

Stay tuned for more!