Ion Fury Update 1.02 released; adds Steam Achievements, brings performance & frame pacing improvements

3D Realms has released a new update for its old-school first-person shooter game, Ion Fury. Update 1.02 adds Steam Achievements and adds borderless windowed mode options. Moreover, it boosts visibility of enemies in dark environments, and improves the pacing of the final boss battle.

It’s also worth noting that this patch also comes with some tech improvements. For instance, it brings performance, timing, and frame pacing improvements. Not only that, but it fixes audio clipping when killing many sections of a centipede enemy at once, as well as other misc map issues like texture misalignments, effect glitches.

As always, Steam will download this patch the next time you launch its client. I’ve also included below its full changelog so you can get an idea of its additions, fixes and improvements.

Ion Fury Update 1.02 Release Notes

– Steam achievements are here! When you launch version 1.02, saved gameplay stats from version 1.0 will be evaluated and any achievement already completed will be unlocked automatically. For those who would prefer to start from scratch, a menu option is available to clear all stats and achievement data from the game and from Steam.
– Added borderless windowed mode options
– Reworked the implementation of crouch toggle to behave in a more logical way
– Boosted visibility of enemies in dark environments
– Reworked both Clusterpuck fire modes
– Increased max Clusterpuck carry amount
– Decreased Bowling Bomb homing mode delay
– Added flight sound for homing missiles fired from enemies
– Added extra sound effects for flying skull drones
– Decreased max medkit carry amount
– Large medkit now only gives +20 HP on Maximum Fury skill
– Garbage cans and trash bags now sometimes spawn health syringes
– Health syringe can now boost health past 100
– Moved zone 3 boss fight ammo crates to more obvious locations and reworked their pickup mechanics
– Moved a few unfavorably positioned save checkpoints
– Improved pacing of final boss battle
– Increased radar duration
– Increased radar range
– Decreased radar refresh delay
– Decreased max radar carry amount
– Beefed up Disperser and Penetrator firing sound effects
– Tweaked Penetrator reload sound effect

– Performance, timing, and frame pacing improvements
– Fixed mouse buttons 4 and 5 not working on Linux
– Fixed setting windowed mode at the same resolution as the desktop just giving you regular fullscreen mode instead
– Fixed game sometimes fullscreening to the wrong monitor in multi-monitor setups
– Fixed possible crash or degraded performance after shooting mirrors repeatedly
– Fixed degraded performance after firing thousands of shots in a single map
– Fixed counting enemy deaths from the environment that could prevent reaching 100% kills
– Fixed Bowling Bombs sometimes failing to properly indicate that they were in homing mode
– Fixed being able to activate radar on the stats screen at the end of a zone
– Fixed the weapon display sometimes getting “stuck” when opening grates with the use key
– Fixed internal effect sprites sometimes showing up in map mode
– Fixed the player’s portrait on the difficulty select screen sometimes only displaying static
– Fixed fall damage being applied even after a fan pushed the player upward
– Fixed the wrong weapon sometimes being shown on screen
– Fixed Ion Bow projectile not respecting the player’s autoaim setting
– Fixed grenadier enemies being invulnerable to burning damage
– Fixed player sometimes dying after the end credits
– Fixed various possible progression blockers and unintended environmental deaths throughout the game
– Fixed a few secret areas that either didn’t trigger properly or could trigger more than once
– Fixed maps sometimes getting their states reset when backtracking in zones 5 and 6
– Fixed end screen transition after final boss
– Fixed far away explosion sounds sometimes being too quiet
– Fixed weapon reload animation canceling
– Fixed linked up “HeskelCast” screens sometimes going out of sync from one another
– Fixed Bowling Bomb pickup always switching away from the Electrifryer, even if automatic switching was disabled
– Fixed audio clipping when killing many sections of a centipede enemy at once
– Fixed other misc map issues: texture misalignments, effect glitches, etc

John Papadopoulos

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