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Intel has released its first discrete Intel Arc GPUs for laptops

And the time has finally come. Intel has officially launched, and showcased, its Intel Arc graphics family for laptops. In order to celebrate this event, the blue team held an event in which it presented these GPUs.

As Intel noted, these are the first discrete GPUs from its graphics portfolio for laptops. Intel also confirmed that its desktop and workstation products will be coming later this year.

These discrete GPUs support DirectX 12 Ultimate, Ray Tracing and XeSS. We suggest taking a look at this GDC 2022 Tech Demo. And, speaking of XeSS, Death Stranding Director’s Cut is the first game that supports it. 505 Games has just released this game on PC, so we might take a look at it and compare it against DLSS.

Lastly, here are the first studios that will support Intel’s XeSS AI-driven upscaling tech.

Below you can find the Intel Arc Graphics event!

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