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Intel Arc A770 GPU will release on October 12th, starting at $329

Intel has announced that its high-end graphics card model, the Intel Arc A770, will release on October 12th. This GPU will come in two versions (with the only difference being the amount of VRAM or at least that’s what Intel implies).

Intel will offer 8GB and 16GB versions of the Intel Arc A770 graphics cards. The new Intel Arc GPUs will support Intel XeSS (which is now supported by Shadow of the Tomb Raider), and will start at $329. In theory, the 8GB variant will cost $329. Intel has not revealed the price of the 16GB version.

Intel also claimed that the A770 will offer up to 65% better peak performance over its direct competitor in ray tracing. Our guess is that Intel is referring to the RTX3060.

All in all, it’s great news that Intel will be finally launching its first discrete high-end GPU. However, NVIDIA will also release the RTX 4090 on October 12th. So yeah, don’t expect Intel’s GPUs to be able to compete with NVIDIA’s new graphics cards. But hey, at least they will be cheaper.

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