Insurgency 2 gets a Kickstarter Campaign

Five years after releasing the popular free-to-play Source mod Insurgency, which received a million downloads in its first week alone and later the same year won ModDB’s “Player’s Choice” Mod of the Year award, New World Interactive has returned to the shooting game with Insurgency 2.
Jeremy Blum, founder of New World Interactive said:
“With more and more projects popping up, some feel Kickstarter is getting flooded. We see it as growing, and the projects needing to adapt to a both larger and wiser fan base. We’ve been listening to the community, playtesting daily and doing our best to make Insurgency 2 the FPS game we always wanted to play.”
The primary goal for Insurgency 2’s Kickstarter campaign is to raise $180,000, which will cover the cost to finish the game and bring it to market. For the full details about this crowd funding initiative, to learn more about Insurgency 2 and to check out the incentives associated with the different pledge levels, please visit the Insurgency 2 Kickstarter page.
Insurgency 2 is a strategic, fast-paced and strikingly realistic first-person shooter that puts the player in modern conflict zones. Featuring highly scalable HD graphics with new and improved levels and gameplay, Insurgency 2 will boast a wide variety of powerful weaponry, and deliver players a unique blend of tactical action they can’t get elsewhere.