A Valley Without Wind – Update 1.2 Released

Arcen Games announced the official release of A Valley Without Wind 1.2, now available as a free update for owners of the game. While the changes were vast going from 1.0 to 1.1, what’s been added and improved upon between 1.1 and 1.2 is less about breadth and more about depth.
A citybuilding model designed for citybuilding fans has been newly integrated from top to bottom into the game. Everything now takes place on the world map and NPC importance has been upgraded significantly with dispatch missions, gifts, and unique attributes based on time period. A new citybuilding strategy guide is available now for your perusal of this major addition.
While there are technically no new spells this time around, the feel of the game is that it has erupted with new ones. That’s thanks to spells now carrying various, randomly-assigned modifiers to make every spell crafted or discovered unique from the next – even if it’s the same type. On top of that, the crafting system has been heavily reworked in general to reward exploration and take the pressure off of having to play missions to advance the game.
The main progression system for the game has been shifted as well. Out with tiers, and in with a reworked levels system. By doing so, AVWW trades in the “New Game+” feel for a more natural progression as players advance from one continent to the next. No more two steps back to take three steps forward, as it now feels like a more a more traditional RPG progression.
Of course it just wouldn’t be a true update from us without a bunch of other good stuff too. A brand new mystery, more music, a hundred new rooms, new unlockables, the addition of an incinerator, peaceful retirement for player characters, ghost copies of items, and more highlight what’s packed in A Valley Without Wind 1.2. As always, practically all of these features were brought about in collaboration with the game’s amazing player community (who’ve contributed in countless ways since the game was mere weeks into development).