Inner Chains – First patch adds more options, does not address optimization issues

Telepaths’ Tree has released the first patch for its latest horror first-person title, Inner Chains. This pach adds some more graphics options, adds new sound effects, introduces melee tutorial in Chapter II, and increases zombie speed movement by 20%.

Unfortunately, this patch does not address the optimization issues we reported in our PC Performance Analysis article.

Telepaths’ Tree is currently working on the option to disable head bob and menu localizations, and claimed that its next big patches will bring more gameplay changes and AI improvements.

This patch will be auto-downloaded from Steam, and you can read its complete changelog below.

Inner Chains – First Patch Release Notes:


-V-Sync ON/OFF settings added.
-Antialiasing ON/OFF settings added.
-Motion blur ON/OFF settings added.
-Grain ON/OFF settings added.
-Chromatic aberration ON/OFF settings added.
-Medium graphics settings preset added.


-New sound effects added.


-Camera sensitivity settings added for mouse and gamepad.
-Camera invert settings added for mouse and gamepad.


-Melee tutorial added in Chapter II.
-Zombie speed movement is increased by 20% now.
-Enemies’ reaction range is now increased.
-Enemies are now paralyzed for a shorter time period after being hit by electro gun.
-Electro gun now needs less time until you can shoot it again.
-The Boss fight now starts automatically after some time if the player doesn’t attack.
-The Boss fight cannot be avoided anymore but it is slightly easier.


-You can now skip the Intro.