inMomentum Patch 2012 will introduce new Maps, new Music, and new Features

White Rabbit Interactive and Digital Arrow announced the first major patch for inMomentum that includes new features and elements, renewals and extensions in single- and multiplayer modes, three new maps and bug fixes. You can view its entire changelog after the jump.
Anton Seicarescu, General Manager of White Rabbit Interactive said:
“The professionalism of a company is reflected by the quality of its product. Therefore, it is our ultimate goal to offer the customer the quality products and to continue providing support and service. We are also working on further improvements, enhancements and surprises.“
Norbert Varga, Development Director of Digital Arrow added:
“As developers, we want to develop our games constantly. With additional features and bug fixes and maps we were able to increase the quality of inMomentum again. Plans to improve the game stretch forward a fair bit, with lots of new things to come, including additions to the current game and refinements to it. We cannot wait to see where our players will take the game once we provide them with expanded creative possibilities.“
“inMomentum” is about creativity and freedom of movement. The gameplay is based on two simple actions which increase momentum each time used. To succeed, players need to manage movement to progress through the game’s many levels, find secret items, and complete a variety of gameplay challenges.  “inMomentum” offers both single and multiplayer game modes.
inMomentum Changelog 1.04:
• Added Ghost feature
• Debugged and re-added Trail feature
• Added Toggle Ghost interface element
• Added Toggle Trail interface elements
• Fixed Menu not saving the last played map, now it also saves last map played after the game was quit
• Restart Map now does not restart the music track in progress
• Music system now plays a new song when a new map is loaded
• Music system plays all tracks from OST before re-playing any song twice
• Added new map Flux
• Added new map Echo
• Added new map Reflex
• Tutorial segments are now skippable for faster advancement
• Updated multiplayer Lobby System
• Updated multiplayer Level changing
• Added multiplayer “Next Game Voting” feature
• Fixed a bug where mouse sensitivity change would crash the game
• Fixed various smaller bugs and leaks regarding the game menu and game controls
• Fixed screen tearing problems in Fullscreen
• Optimized Fullscreen in Widescreen play