Indie liquid-physics puzzle game ‘Vessel’ is now available on Steam

Strange Loop Games, in collaboration with indiePub, announced today that their internationally recognized liquid-physics puzzle game Vessel is now available on Steam and DRM-free on their website, for a special launch price of $13.49 for its first week. Vessel has approximately 10-12 hours of challenging gameplay, and features all unique puzzles.
Built on a groundbreaking liquid-physics engine, Vessel allows players to solve puzzles by bringing to life physically-simulated liquid — water, lava, glowing goo, chemicals and more — by animating them into living machines called Fluros that retain all the properties of the liquid they contain. Combining the properties of different kinds of fluids with the behaviors of the liquid creatures, players will be able solve puzzles and progress in this fantastic mechanical world.
Vessel also features a full-length soundtrack created by internationally renowned electronic music prodigy Jon Hopkins, known for his work on the sci-fi hit “Monster” and collaboration with top artists like Coldplay, Brian Ino and Imogen Heap. Using a custom music engine, Vessel remixes the tracks dynamically to reflect the player’s progress in gameplay, providing subtle cues for players working through the game’s puzzles.