Indie 2D action platformer ‘Intrusion 2’ released; behold some of the best 2D physics… ever

It’s times like these I hate my job. Why you ask? But because a fantastic 2D action platform indie game got released and passed under my radar. Truth be told, I can’t keep up with all PC indie titles but this one… this one… this is what we’ve been all be dreaming for while playing Contra and Metal Slug. Intrusion 2 is a platformer being developed in flash and looks F’ing awesome.
Those interested can purchase it from its official website. The game is priced for only 10 bucks, so go ahead and get it. Not convinced yet? Well there is a free demo to try. Still not convinced? Enjoy the following videos – two of them are courtesy of PCGamer – and behold what indie gaming can actually offer you!
intrusion 2 gameplay trailer

PC Gamer - Intrusion 2 - Fighting Robot Dogs

PC Gamer - Intrusion 2 - Giant Bitey Robot Boss