Incoming news for Serious Sam HD and Serious Sam 3 DLCs

Back in April, Croteam and Devolver played a little joke to all Serious Sam 3 fans as they¬†announced their – supposedly fake – plans for Serious Sam 3’s DLC. A lot of SS3 fans got disappointed when they found out that it was an April Fool’s joke. Well, it seems that Croteam and Devolver had something going on and wanted to simple tease back then, as the publisher has revealed that we’ll be getting some DLC news this week for both Serious Sam HD and Serious Sam 3. Hooray.
A couple of hours ago, Devolver Digital tweeted that they’ll be sharing some news next week for Serious Sam HD DLC. This is indeed great but what about the amazing third and last part of this action FPS series? Serious Sam 3: BFE was fun and a DLC should be happening as we speak, right? Hell yeah and Devolver has confirmed that a DLC for Serious Sam 3 is still under development.
When a fan asked about a future DLC for Serious Sam 3, Devolver Digital tweeted:
“SS3 DLC is in the works as well. Have no fear!”
Croteam is also working on the console versions of Serious Sam 3. Although there is no ETA yet (for either Serious Sam 3 on consoles or Serious Sam 3’s DLC), Devolver had announced in January that Croteam had started work on the console versions.
Our guess is that the console version of Serious Sam 3 will feature some new content that will be released on the PC via the DLC route. We don’t know yet though whether this DLC will be free or not, so stay tuned for more!