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Icarus will support Ray Tracing Global Illumination & NVIDIA DLSS

RocketWerkz has announced that its upcoming survival game, Icarus, will support both Ray Tracing and NVIDIA’s DLSS tech. RocketWerkz has partnered with NVIDIA and will be using Ray Tracing in order to enhance the game’s Global Illumination.

As RocketWerkz stated:

“RTX Global Illumination (RTXGI) creates dynamic, realistic rendering for games by computing diffuse lighting with ray tracing. It more realistically models how light is bounced off of surfaces (indirect light) rather than being limited to just the light that hits a surface directly from a light source (direct light). This provides infinite bounce lighting and soft shadow occlusion, showing how light and colors bounce off nearby surfaces.

What this means for Icarus is you’ll be able to see more detail in the undergrowth shaded by trees. You can also expect better lighting in caves, forest fires that reflect off soon-to-be-burnt cabins, beautiful dropship takeoffs and more detail at nighttime. Shadows will have more detail in them and fewer dark patches. The lighting will change as bases are built or trees are chopped.

Icarus uses a new RTXGI feature called Infinite Scrolling Volumes. RTXGI Infinite Scrolling Volumes uses ray tracing to constantly update the Global Illumination lighting volume around the player as they move through Icarus’ world. This effectively provides an “infinite” volume of global illumination for the player without needing a huge amount of memory to store an infinite number of lighting probes.

Icarus will be the first published game to use NVIDIA’s RTXGI Infinite Scrolling Volumes.”

Icarus will release on December 4th. Here are also its official PC system requirements.

ICARUS | RTX Global Illumination & NVIDIA DLSS