Huntdown is a 16-bit pixel art 2D action platformer that is available on the PC

Coffee Stain Publishing and Easy Trigger Games have launched their 80s inspired bounty hunting pixel art action game, Huntdown. Huntdown is a retro platformer playable solo or in local two player co-op. Moreover, the publisher has released the game’s launch trailer that you can find below.

Set in a bleak dystopian future where gangs rule the streets and the authorities are toothless, you play as three antihero bounty hunters tasked with taking back the streets and cashing in on your killer instincts.

Huntdown is an old school arcade side scroller for the modern bounty hunter. The slick platformer features hand painted 16-bit pixel art graphics and hand-drawn animations. Moreover, it supports 60FPS gameplay for fluid gameplay. Additionally, it comes with an epic 80s soundtrack pumping dark wave, industrial synth, hard rock and electro through 20 unique levels.

The good news with Huntdown is that it looks absolutely retro-gorgeous. The bad news – at least for some – is that it’s exclusive to Epic Games Store.


Huntdown Official Launch Trailer