Rise of the Ronin temp

Rise of the Ronin is a new action RPG from Team Ninja, coming to PC in 2024

KOEI Tecmo has revealed a brand new action RPG from Team Ninja, called Rise of the Ronin. Rise of the Ronin will release in 2024, and below you can find its announcement trailer.

In Rise of the Ronin, players will explore an evolving world as they fight to forge a new era for Japan. Players will assume the role of a Ronin; a warrior free from all masters and bonds. Additionally, the game promises to offer an immersive combat-focused action experience.

KOEI Tecmo has not revealed any additional details about this title. But hey, at least we got an in-engine trailer for it, even though it won’t come out next year.


Rise of the Ronin - State of Play Sep 2022 Reveal Trailer | PS5 Games