Homefront: The Revolution Supports Physically-Based Rendering & Dynamic Water/Rain Puddles

CJ Kershner, Senior Narrative Designer at Dambuster Studios, has revealed that Homefront: The Revolution will be powered by the latest iteration of CRYENGINE, will support physically-based rendering, and will feature dynamic water/rain puddles.

As CJ told WCCFTech’s Alessio Palumbo (this will be our new way of sourcing. It’s time to put the authors in the spotlight) Homefront: The Revolution will feature an unlocked framerate and resolutions on the PC.

We do have Physically Based Rendering. Some of the more technical aspects I’m not totally up to date, but we’re constantly adding new things to CryEngine 3 and optimizing it to really get the most of all the hardware that we got available.” said CJ and continued:

“One of the smaller touches that has absolutely no gameplay value is that, when it rains, there are puddles that form in the street and then when the sun comes out those puddles slowly dry up. It’s hard to encourage players to just stand there and watch water evaporating, but it’s one of those little touches that we’ve added that really makes the city feel very vibrant and dynamic and alive. We’ve also got a lot of other interesting things going on with our rendering, with our particle system; the goal is that every time a player enters an area, whether it’s day, whether it’s night, whether it’s raining or it’s foggy or clear, you get a very interesting and visually arresting scene as your playground.”