Holy Batman – GTA V PC Petition Surpasses 500,000 Signatures

Grand Theft Auto V v4

With the release of GTA V on consoles, PC gamers decided to show Rockstar how desperately they want this title on their platforms. A petition for GTA V PC was launched a couple of months ago, and PC gamers have been constantly impressing us with their dedication on that petition. Two days ago, the petition for GTA V PC was under 400K. And today, this petition has finally broken the 500K mark.

It’s really funny that this petition took off so suddenly, as we all know that GTA V will – eventually – hit the PC. We’ve seen numerous hints these past days, so it really puzzles us why PC gamers are so desperate with it.

What we mean is that you should not expect any official announcement about a possible PC version anytime soon. Rockstar is definitely focused on the current-gen console version that has just been released, and it won’t do anything to harm the game’s sales for a while. And announcing a PC version would definitely harm the game’s sales.

But anyway, it’s good to see such dedication from PC gamers, though we can only wonder whether this petition will be able to hit its new 1 million goal. Sounds impossible… but then again… we don’t know when and if Rockstar will unveil the PC version.

Enjoy the following video, showing off the Superman Cheat Code that is present in GTA V (video courtesy of our reader Jonathan Gustafsson).

Grand Theft Auto V - Superman Cheat (Skyfall) HD