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Hogwarts Legacy surpasses $1 billion retail sales, is Warner Bros’ largest release of all time

Warner Bros has revealed that Hogwarts Legacy has surpassed $1 billion in retail sales, making it the company’s largest release of all time.

Furthermore, Hogwarts Legacy is Warner Bros’ best-selling game
year-to-date. So yeah, apparently “that” boycott really hurt the sales of this game.

Yesterday, Avalanche Software released a new update that packed over 500 bug fixes. That patch also brought a number of optimization improvements and tweaks.

As we’ve already reported, Hogwarts Legacy is a PC graphical showcase, one of the best-looking games. And while there are still some hiccups, the game performs on PC way better than it did at launch.

As Spencer (who wasn’t a Harry Potter fan) pointed out in his PC review, Hogwarts Legacy is “actually a competent and well-made game, has a decent amount of content, and is definitely worth playing.”

Lastly, there are already some cool mods for this game that you can go ahead and download. For instance, you can try the Early Access versions of the VR and Multiplayer mods. However, we should note that these Early Access builds are behind Patreon walls. You can also play as Harry Potter thanks to various mods. And then we have this first-person mod.

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