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Here is your first look at the upcoming Metal Gear Solid vs Doom mashup, Metal Gear Doom

AutumnAPM has released the first gameplay video for his upcoming Metal Gear Solid vs Doom mashup, Metal Gear Doom. Metal Gear Doom basically transports the Doomsguy and all of the Doom enemies to levels inspired by Metal Gear Solid.

According to the modder, the focus of Metal Gear Doom will be on finding resources (weapons) and avoiding difficult fights. The mod will have approximately 5 main levels, and plans to add 3 secret levels. Furthermore, the modder will be adding 3 “VR missions”. The missions will be designed to be a lot more challenging than the regular game.

Do note that Metal Gear Doom is not a remake of Metal Gear Solid in the Doom Engine. This is a wad that has maps and some gameplay ideas from Metal Gear Solid. As such, all the enemies that players will face will be from the classic Doom games. Additionally, the retro levels will be in the game in a smaller capacity.

From what we can see in the following gameplay video, this looks like a cool idea. And, to be honest, I’d love to see other similar level packs from other triple-A games. We already have the amazing Aliens Eradication mod, but I want more.

Lastly, the modder has released a demo that you can download and play from here.

AutumnAPM plans to release Metal Gear Doom in 2020.