Here are the things that will be addressed in the first updates of Gears of War 4

The Coalition has revealed the fixes and improvements that it is currently preparing for Gears of War 4. According to the team, the first updates will bring adjustments to the competitive Lancer/Gnasher, harsher quit penalties to players, competitive/Core lobbies, and will fix the PC mics issues that have been reported.

In addition, The Coalition will make it possible so that the MP matches start without the full amount of players. As reported, the development team is looking into this immediately as this one is pretty concerning.

The Coalition will also rebalance Hammerburst. This has been described as a ‘big pain point amongst those in Core and Social‘ as the gameplay has been dominated with long range combat. The Coalition has some tuning coming up that will address this.

Furthermore, The Coalition is looking into ways of improving the experience for all users regarding the Gears Pack system.

What’s also interesting is that The Coalition will experiment with Social crossplay weekends.

“During this time we will be looking at backend telemetry on the performance of players. After we gather some information, we will look into what we can potentially do for further crossplay opportunities. We will also be looking into offering Bonus XP in specific modes that will be constantly rotating either each day or on a weekly basis to help incentivize people to try out each of our different game modes.”

The Coalition will also make the footsteps of teammates much louder than opponents, and will address the ‘Horde Score abuse’ and ‘Grenade spawning’ issues that have been reported.