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Here are the graphics settings for Battlefield 5 Open Beta

The Early Access phase for Battlefield 5’s open beta has begun and below you can find the graphics settings that are currently featured in the game. Battlefield 5’s beta will open to all players on September 6th.

PC gamers will be able to adjust the quality of Textures, Texture Filtering, Lighting, Effects, Post Processing, Mesh, Terrain, Undergrowth, Anti-aliasing Post Processing and Ambient Occlusion. There are also options for Future Frame Rendering, GPU Memory Restriction, and players can choose between DirectX 11 and DirectX 12.

As you may have guessed, and since NVIDIA’s GeForce RTX series are not available to the public, there are no options to enable/disable the real-time ray tracing effects.

Last but not least, the game features a resolution scaler, a UI Scale Factor, Field of View sliders, as well as options to enable/disable Motion Blur, Weapon Depth of Field, Chromatic Aberration, Film Grain, Vignette, Lens Distortion and Custom Colours!