HAWKEN will be playable at this year’s GamesCom

First Person Shooters are a favorite of millions of gamers active in the Electronic Sports League (ESL). Therefore the highly anticipated Mech-Shooter HAWKEN will be on show and playable for the eSports community at the European games trade fair gamescom (15th – 19th of August) in the ESL Arena, Hall 8.
The Free to Play title, published by Meteor Entertainment, is the brainchild of Adhesive games and was the recipient of 11 awards at the E3 fair in Los Angeles. HAWKEN’s open beta is set for the 12th of December of this year. However, the HAWKEN team is giving visitors the chance to get hands-on months before its release so Press and Gamers alike can ge a taste of this much desired title. Furthermore, the creators of HAWKEN will give an exclusive view on the dynamics of the gameplay during their presentations at the ESL Stage in Hall 8 on Thursday.
Ralf Reichert, CEO of Turtle Entertainment GmbH in Cologne, Germany, the eSports company behind ESL said:
“HAWKEN looks to be an incredible game featuring an exciting mixture of first person shooter gameplay and mech warfare, add intense graphics and stunning environments, and I’m excited. After receiving high accolades in the past months we believe it´s going to be a great experience for all.”
Mark Long, CEO of Meteor Entertainment added:
“We’re super psyched to join ESL at gamescom. They’ve done such a great job with League of Legends, we’re hoping HAWKEN joins ESL next year too!”