Hawken enters open beta next week, Path of Exile open beta delayed to January 2013

Free-to-play fans, we got some good and some bad news for you today. The good news is that Hawken, Adhesive Games’ F2P mech game, is scheduled to enter open beta next week, on December 12th. The bad news is that Path of Exile, one of our most anticipated action hack-n-slash RPGs, is delayed to January 2013 as Grinding Gear believes that a Christmas release is really dangerous and could possibly damage the game and its fanbase.
Regarding Hawken, Adhesive Games will use the open beta to implement feedback from the closed beta, including features, balance changes and improvements. Moreover, those interested can visit the game’s website and register.
As for Path of Exile, Grinding Gear had this to say about the delay:
“A few months ago, we estimated that we would enter Open Beta in December 2012. Although we believe that we can have the build ready by then, we’ve decided that it’s too dangerous to launch the Open Beta over the Christmas period and Southern Hemisphere summer holidays when many of our staff will be away.”
Yes, PC gamers will have to wait one more month to get their hands on Path of Exile, but we’re pretty sure that most of them won’t mind. After all, they’ve got these past days a lot of games with which they can spend their time. Right?
Hawken GamePlay on Ultra Graphics