Halo Reach feature

Halo Reach Flight Program will most likely begin next week, Halo: Infinite PC Beta/Flight Program confirmed

343 Industries has announced that the first flight for Halo: Reach on MCC PC, if everything goes according to plan, will be next week to a small subsection of registered Halo Insiders. The team claimed that it will be starting more modestly because it’s got quite a few levers to pull and wants to ensure its delivery pipeline runs smoothly and that participants can properly provide their feedback on the build.

“Since there are so many pieces and levers that need testing, verification, and appropriate approvals, we need to take our time to ensure we’re sending out a quality flight to our Halo Insiders. The team has a build which appears to be a strong candidate, but it’s still in the middle of going through the test process as I type (and as you read).”

As such, the team is targeting to release next week and will be sharing the details with the public, so even those that have not been selected for the flight will know what’s happening.

343 Industries has also confirmed that the PC will receive a Flight Program for Halo: Infinite. The PC Flight Program for Halo: Infinite may come a little bit later than the one planned for Xbox One, however the team reconfirmed that it will be treating the PC as a first-class citizen.

Halo: Infinite is currently planned for a Holiday 2020 release!