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Flying Wild Hog ditches Roadhog Engine over Unreal Engine 4, will announce two new games in 2020

Flying Wild Hog is the team behind two really cool first-person shooter games. Obviously, these two games are Hard Reset and Shadow Warrior 2. Now as you may know, these games took advantage of its in-house engine, the Roadhog Engine. However, it appears that the team has decided to ditch it over Unreal Engine 4.

As Flying Wild Hog’s CEO, Michal Szustak, revealed in an interview with WCCFTech, it was quite difficult developing an engine and the games using it.

“We are really, really proud that we were able to actually make and develop the engine at the same time we were doing the games. So it was an awesome success for us, but it came at a cost. We needed to have a really big engine team and it was always like you were chasing the rabbit because there was the CryEngine, Unreal Engine, Unity. And we saw that the gap between this huge Epic team making new cool stuff, adding features to their engine, and our 10-people engine team who’s trying to keep the base, the gap was getting larger and larger. So a year and a half ago we decided to actually switch to Unreal Engine 4. “

Now before continuing, it’s worth noting that Supernova Capital LLP has acquired Flying Wild Hog. And according to Szustak, the decision to ditch Roadhog came right after this acquisition. Moreover, Flying Wild Hog can now concentrate on its games and experiment with them.

“I think it was the first I would say mature decision we made with Supernova’s help. We understood that we were kind of driven by the sentiment that we have to have an engine because, you know, father issues, but in the end they had us understand that what we really want to do is to focus on making games, experimental gameplay, original, explosive fun. And Unreal Engine 4 is great for that, it’s super flexible. It’s actually much easier to prepare prototypes than it was in Roadhog. So we have much more space for experimentation there. It was something huge for us.”

Last but not least, Szustak confirmed that Flying Wild Hog will announce two new games in 2020.