Halo Infinite new in-engine screenshot

Halo Infinite Single-Player Campaign Demo was running on the PC and not on Xbox Series X

Yesterday, Microsoft and 343 Industries showcased a single-player campaign demo for Halo: Infinite. This new Halo game will be coming out on Xbox One, PC and Xbox Series X. And, with Xbox Series X right around the corner, you’d expect 343 Industries to showcase the game on this new console. However, the developers have confirmed that this demo was running on the PC and not on Xbox Series X.

As a 343 developer said during a Q&A session.

“The game was captured from a PC that is representative of the experience that players will have on Xbox Series X.”

Xbox Series X will come out in Holiday 2020 and Halo: Infinite will be a launch title. Thus, you’d expect 343 Industries to show off the power of this new console. Instead, the team has done what most studios do during their E3 shows; show the game running on the PC.

To be honest, I wasn’t really impressed by the single-player demo of Halo: Infinite. The lighting system was not that great and there were A LOT of pop-ins. Generally speaking, everything looked like what you’d expect to see from a current-gen game. Yes, Halo: Infinite will be a cross-generation game. However, it lacked that “wow” effect.

Halo: Infinite will be using a new engine, the Slipspace Engine, and 343 Industries has developed it with the PC platform in mind. Moreover, the team aims to treat PC gamers as first-class citizens. It’s also worth noting that the first in-engine trailer for Halo: Infinite, that came out in 2019, was also running on the PC.

Halo Infinite will give players more freedom than ever before to explore a sprawling Halo ring. This demo shows off just a small section of the open and expansive world 343 has crafted. The scale of the environment accessible to players is several times larger than that of the last two Halo games combined. The game will also have hidden rewards. Players will be also able to assault Banished fortifications in brand new ways.

Lastly, I’ve embedded the single-player demo video below in case you haven’t seen it.


Halo Infinite | Campaign Gameplay Premiere – 8 Minute Demo

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