Halo: Helljumper: Episode 1 is one hell of a fan-made live action Halo film

Admit it, after watching the live-action trailers for the latest Halo games, you kind of wished for a Halo movie. Hell, even if you are not a fan of Bungie’s gem, you most certainly appreciated the effort and the amazing recreation of Halo’s battlefield in those official live-action trailers. Well, if you – like us – wanted to see a movie or a live action series, based on this franchise, get ready to fall in love with Halo: Helljumper.
Halo: Helljumper is an unofficial web series (made by fans) based on Microsoft’s acclaimed video game franchise, Halo. Adapted from the short story, “Dirt,” By Tobias S. Buckell, it tells the story of a few human ODSTs as they fight through 27 years of brutal war with the Covenant. They evolve from a rag tag group of recruits in the UNSC to being cold battle hardened veterans that are shadows of their former selves.
In this first episode, the Rookie drops onto New Jerusalem andĀ finds a lone ODST, Gage Yevgenny, dying near a Pelican crash site. Refusing to be rescued, Gage begins to tell the young Rookie about how he got here and to not make the same mistakes he did.