Halo 3 Appears In The Latest AMD Catalyst 13.3 Profiles

Halo Reach
Now that’s a big surprise. We all thought that Halo 3’s appearance in Steam’ registry was a big mistake, however there might be something going on in the background. After all, Microsoft’s title has just appeared in the latest profiles of AMD’s Catalyst drivers, suggesting that a release might be closer than we think. Spotted by our reader Sid Spyker Sabin Figaro (and thanks to Guru3D’s user kn00tcn), this profile was added to AMD’s Catalyst 13.3 Beta drivers.
Microsoft has denied in the past the Halo 3 PC rumors, but it’s really weird that this title has appeared in both Steam’s registry AND in the latest AMD drivers.
You can view a screen-grab from that profile below.
And since Sabin is a fan of KOF XIII, let us tell you that KOF XIII’s Steam profile was updated a day ago, suggesting that it is most likely coming to the PC. After all, if the game was not coming, the profile would be deleted and not updated.