Half-Life Alyx No-VR Mod Update

Half-Life: Alyx NoVR Mod will get a major update this October

The modding team behind the NoVR Mod for Half-Life: Alyx has shared some new details about a major update that will come out this October.

For those unaware, the No VR Mod for Half-Life Alyx allows you to play the game on non-VR devices. And, according to the team, the October Update will introduce major animation improvements to this amazing mod.

Going into more details, GB_2 Development Team has fully modeled and animated Alyx’s arms and hands. The modding team has also added weapon firing animations, weapon idle animations, upgrades, as well as reload and draw animations for all 3 weapons. Furthermore, the team has made updated the game’s HUD, and fixed a number of bugs that plagued its previous version.

In short, this No-VR Mod for Half-Life: Alyx will get such a major gameplay overhaul that will make it a bit more enjoyable on traditional/non-VR PC systems. So, if you haven’t played it yet, you may be able to do so this October.

If you can’t wait until next month, you can go ahead and download the previous version of Half-Life: Alyx NoVR from here.

Naturally, we’ll be sure to let you know when exactly this brand new update for Half-Life: Alyx No-VR will come out. Until then, enjoy the following development video!

Half-Life Alyx No-VR - First Animation Update Teaser Trailer (WIP)