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Half-Life: Alyx NoVR Mod Update #7 is available for download

A couple of days ago, the “GB_2 Development Team” released the seventh major update for its NoVR Mod for Half-Life: Alyx. This new patch comes with a lot of bug fixes and introduces some new features that we’ll detail below.

Update #7 updates more ladders with a new animation. And while this is great news, not all of the game’s ladders have been updated. So yeah, expect to see the game’s default teleportation in some of them. Players can also expect a new Half-Life Alyx-inspired HUD.

This update also adjusts the shotgun puzzle by making the wheel easier to use. Moreover, it adds inverted mouse support, as well as a Quicksave Tutorial.

You can download the latest version of the NoVR Mod from here. Below you can also find its key features.

Have fun!

Half-Life: Alyx NoVR Mod Update #7 Key Features

  • More ladders have been updated with a new animation instead of the teleport, not all have been updated but more ladders will be updated like this with every update
  • Fixed issue with the barnacle holding the crank wheel with its tongue forever and not letting go even after the barnacle is dead
  • Adjusted the shotgun puzzle by making the wheel easier to use
  • Smoother interactions added with drawers
  • Better title size
  • Fixed bloaters not working properly
  • Inverted mouse support added
  • Control rebinding added – see installation instructions for details
  • Slowed down the grenade throw
  • Easier crank wheel pick up and use
  • Quicksave tutorial added
  • Bigger subtitles for easier legibility at higher resolutions
  • Chapter 7 – Jeff polish for better interactions with Jeff
  • Added various dialog that was not triggering such as when Alyx picks up a Floppy Disk for the first time
EARLY POLISH! | Half-Life: Alyx NoVR UPDATE #7