Half-Life 3 was a “hot mess”, had lots of prototypes (including an RTS and an adventure action game)

It’s almost a given by now that we won’t be getting Half-Life 3… ever. Still, this doesn’t mean that Valve wasn’t working on such a game. According to GameInformer’s Andrew Reiner, Half-Life 3 was a hot mess and had a lot of prototypes from very small teams.

As Andrew Reiner revealed during GameInformer’s latest Show podcast:

“I talked to one developer who actually gave me legitimate information and told me it was a hot mess. Like, there were so many different prototypes that small teams (4-5 people) working on them that just never got off the ground. But said two of the directions they were going, and I kid you not, this is a real thing that apparently happened. One was going to be like an RTS game for Half-Life 3. And another one involved live actors, and it was going to be a new type of adventure action game with actual actors. Kind of like Nighttrap but more advanced.”

Unfortunately, Andrew Reiner could not make other developers speak about Half-Life 3, however this new information should give you an idea of why we never got a third part in the Half Life series.

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