Half Life 3 Is Spotted In Gamescom 2012 Product List [UPDATE]

A new rumor arose a few minutes ago, suggesting that Half Life 3 might be unveiled during this year’s Gamescom. T3 spotted Half Life 3 in Gamescom 2012’s product list and you can see it for yourself here. And get this – the source of this rumor comes from the games show’s official website. Obviously, this might be a mistake as Dragon Age 3 is also present in that list. But then again, could this DA3 entry mean a possible teaser trailer at EA’s conference? And what if Half Life 3 is indeed present at this year’s Gamescom?
Let’s also not forget that earlier HL3 rumors suggested a possible reveal in Q2 2012. A lot of people thought that E3 would be the place where Valve would announce HL3, though it seems they were wrong.
Half Life 3 has been in the spotlight for quite some time, which is also a bit weird. Last week, id Software’s Tim Willits said that Valve is working on Half Life 3 and that gamers will be excited when they see it.
Last but not least, some HL3 concept arts from an earlier build were miraculously leaked back in June.
Various sources also claim that Game Informer Australia might feature – in its cover story – Half Life 3, however those claims are false. According to Andy McNamara, Editor-In-Chief of Game Informer, the magazine won’t feature GTA V or Half Life 3:
“Just because I’m tired of reading the news. GI Australia is not revealing GTA V or Half-Life 3.”
So there you have it. We don’t know what is going on. Perhaps both Dragon Age 3 and Half Life 3 are present in Gamescom 2012. Perhaps neither of them is. If they are, our guess is that they’ll be shown to a select number of journalists behind closed doors. Or not?
One thing is for sure – if EA teases DA3 during its conference (that will begin in almost 3 hours) then we can safely assume that HL3 will be present at Gamescom.
So, let the speculation begin!
EA’s conference has ended and Dragon Age 3 was not teased at all. This suggests that both Half Life 3’s and Dragon Age 3’s entries were false in that product list. Not only that, but Valve’s Doug Lombardi debunked those Half-Life 3 rumours, as he stated that Valve isn’t showing any games at Gamescom. Or at least that’s when it comes to the publich announcements but could Dragon Age 3 and Half Life 3 be shown behind closed doors? Now that’s the real question.