Hail To The King Baby; Duke Nukem Forever 2013 Mod Is Now Available

Duke Nukem Forever
Back in April 1st, we informed you about a mod for the original Duke Nukem 3D that aimed to recreate the 2001 version of Duke Nukem Forever. A lot assumed that this mod was just a hoax. After all, its debut trailer was released in April 1st. Surely that was a prank joke, right? Well, as we said back then, no it wasn’t. And today we are happy to report that Gambini & Mikko Sandt have released this mod.
This mod was initially meant to hit the Internet on April 15th but as you may have already guessed, it was delayed for a couple of days. Gambini, one of the mod’s creators, explained the situation:
“First of all: There hasn´t been ever a fixed release date. When I created this mod´s profile I´ve been asked for a release date. I had to choose between TBD or an exact day. TBD sounds like in about ten years, so I decided to choose a safe date, which was April 15. Days came flying and that day was above us before we even blinked. With all the repercussion our trailer generated, I deviated my attention from working on the mod to reading the clusterfuck of messages we was receiving from everywhere. I also had to deal with some situations, that if we would have known beforehand that the trailer would cause such things, we would have decided to not show it.
I changed the release date a few times with the intention of calming people down, but it generated the opposite results. The true is that, at the point of publishing the trailer, we had a 95% done mod. And at the moment of writting these news, the mod is about 99.99% done. There´s only one little thing missing and some real life problems prevented us to have it done today.”
Those interested can download the mod from here.